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Saturday, April 17, 2010

well... not quite a bad day for me =)
my family went out to watch the S.H.E concert so i'm alone with only
my big sis and jie fu
then i realised i didnt blog for a long time so i changed the blog song =) and now im doing some POA 10 yr series =)
hmm my wish and goal for now is to beat all my 4 genius sisters in MYE so they can't look down on me agn! >:D
i will try to blog more nxt time sorry ^^

alrights goin to dinner.

this video made my day... especially the interview with the vamp. that sucks brain juice ROFL =D. Every joke about 1 min so if u don like 1 of them skip a min or so
Enjoy ^^

back from dinner ==//
actually my day was fine :(
but when i went for dinner @ yew tee point with my da jie and jie fu...
we went to the omoroshi thingie ( dunnoe spell correct or not )
its some kind of u noe put coin in and hook something up
i lost $6 cos the bear too heavy... sigh....
my jie and jiefu worse lost $30++ hahas ^^
then i wasted another $2 on buying the pearly bandung soy milk
taste like water with 1 petal of rose and goat milk o.0
sigh.. goin to continue my POA..

3:26 AM