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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hiiiies! =D today is sure an good day for me =D
first~i woke up and took the bus to school..ran
bac to take thermometer on the way to busstop
No miss bus =D
was doin english on bus then fell asleep.... >.<
woke up reach le sianz but lucky finishing so done b4 class
the first lesson was english after a typical morning assembly
and we talked about understandin a paragraph
(english must study hard!!)(difficult for me ><)
after that it was chinese and we had listenin compre
SA1 de
after that was maths then went through quite alot of questions
i onli nt sure with the general solutions thats all =D(jiayous!)
reccess we were eating slowly cos lots of time and my mouth so hot
ate too much chili
after break was 2 hrs of PHYSICS =D
went through CG~moments~turning effects..
quite ok.. understandable bud juz nid more practice =D
after finish went home with yuyan and bernard
reach home i bathed..fell asleep
woke up awhile-sleep again- then had dinner
now i bloggin tink i finish i go revise english and a bit of maths bahs=D

signing off...

5:38 AM
Monday, April 27, 2009


omigosh \(0 x 0)/

neko =D

Cute Dog =D

3:54 AM
Thursday, April 23, 2009

AHA!! Long time no blog le.. hmm .. lets talk about today first! today wake up and quickly change go busstop wait.. was daydreaming until yuyan appear le i didnt notice until the bus came.. XD We had the morning assembly then upper sec stay bac and say some discipline stuff about bullyin a teacher i tink... i 4got le =p cos i tinking about the mother tongue test tmr. Then the first lesson was physics.. we went in then revise and learn about finding net force all those.. kinda understand le then a few of us go buy the set square set from Mr Tan (i bought also cos i lost a few.. dunnoe lend who then gone..)after that went bac for POA lesson then suddenly i got a veri bad and sinister feeling (hahas six sense) then Miss LIM came in(english de) my form teacher 2 yrs abit scary =X... she warned us we must hand in all the work if not die le loh_ =X uh ohZ! dunnoe study chinese or do english! x.x
(i btr do...) then poa lesson start proper we revise through trading accounts then it was chinese.. at first we quickly went through chapter 12 then ltr teacher started talking about other interesting things in the news.quite enjoyable =D reccess then maths(nothing special) then it was english lesson... we did a passage on writing summary and find out the points... we had a break then go for Social studies then Mrs Foo teach us the WHY question answer format then examples loh~//// after end le i wait for Yuyan till 4 cos he got lesson while at canteen eat.
went home.
fall asleep at the sofa with my bad still on cos nobody at home o.o
woke up (after awhile then bathe)
eat and watching televison
now bloggin
goin to do english
then study chinese finally then faint on my bed(CHINESE MUZ JIAYOU!!!!!GET GD MARKS!)

P.S. sorry so long no blog cos too lazy to blog le =p >.>
ahhhh the chemistry situation still not solved!wonder will Miss Lim(chem de) trust us or not... promise i dint do it!hiax nbm bahs.... *yawns*

OK! err... now wat....
i tink nothing le

signing off..

6:40 AM