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Monday, March 30, 2009

Hmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmmmm.... wad shld i say...well lets start with morning.. today usual wake up =D suprisingly energetic then quickly change and do maths homework while walkin out of my hse to the busstop then see yuyan waitin le O.o bus came---board bus---reach school.. a typical school day.. first lesson was english(haven scold Jimmy for telling me its chemistry!!!)=D hahas nbm de... english we do a report WRITING (OMG OMG!!!!!!! i haven do tmr nid hand up!)alamak nbm tmr den do~ ^^ sure die de!=) err then it was geography and we talk about coasts and landforms we cant see in sg wor.. i find the cliff kinda nice and talk then DING DONG.. maths lesson..alamak today is Miss Zhang and Mdm Tong teach again siol =X.. we went through a new topic called Coordinate Geometry and then it was recess and i makan with sean reiner they all agn..then it was POA lesson. got a TEST..!!!!! IT WAS SO DIFFICULT I WAS like uh oh ._. and stared at the paper for like 5 mins (worse i din hab a calculator!) then i chiong draw anyhow fill in blanks tikam which is credit which is debit.,,, then answers come out...... YAY i got 21/26 in total but in the end juz pass cos untidy... T.T wahhh... 21-5-3=13/// 13/26(pass) T.T veri depressed/// BUD NBM COS SCHOOL END YAY cai guai... got a maths remedial at 2-3pm and now it was like 12.30pm at that time lor! i and reiner rush to math club to tutor sec 2 again for 1 hr come bac class slack then the supplementary sibei borin cos quite easy so i go do Miss Zhang the maths2 (^o^)then finish b4 class end so i no need stay bac (oley!)after that went to canteen find yuyan then teach him and his group how to do Matrices cos they presentin wor and i ate hokkien mee. after tat went home on bus and i played the phone game(wateva island) its a survival game of a tribe sent by reiner~ until dinner then go bathe (abt 1 hr after i reach home) then makan and do hwk again.. T,T student's worst nightnare... now bloggin and gtg nid to finish work =D misses Kim~(last year fren)(now in korea)

Signin off...

7:29 AM
Friday, March 27, 2009

TODAY IS A VERI MEMORABLE DAY MAN~ woke up then late for bus
but i managed to catch up the bus by takin another busstop ^^

today onli got a few lessons cos today appreciation day and
i found out nearly our whole class got participate someway
or another wor~ :o today got 2hr F&N and we did practical
and cooked majestic cup cake and banana cake =D
after tat was chemistry and we learnt a few more things like
isotopes and radioisotopes. After that i stayed at school watch
the rehearsal waiting for my fren then i, yuyan and derek went to lot
1 to eat at food junction~then ltr we came bac school and i went to
CiTech Room at 3pm to meet up
We first decorated the room into dining setting(we waiters)(sevice group)
we played the background music and practiced and rehearsed a few times
of what we will do. then ltr we wait for time to pass so we played a few songs
and Dasheni started dancing with Shafiqah(3H) and the whole group started dancin
too.. it was so fun and we took pictures and videos. ltr we found out who we are serving
and practiced .....(skippin the details first)
when the guests come we were so nervous all of us wants to go toilet(laughs)
but we did quite well when the real thing came but my fren sean so guilty about a
small mistake he made(he used 2 hands instead of 1 hand while serving)(lol.)
the dinner went past and we packed up and the teachers-principal-vice principals praised us then we all took pictures with them =p... i then went home at 11+ with derek-bernard-yuyan-brandon-reiner-sean-dasheni(w/o shoes)-wilson-lynn-lynn fren
then went on seperate ways in the middle.. talked and talked... err now i at home juz bathed so now bloggin =D heys i gtg sleep le tmr nid early wake up bb(12.11am)

signing off....

8:59 AM
Thursday, March 26, 2009

woo today is sure a tiring day... i woke up and slept on the bus as usual and went to school.. During morning assembly ar ._. got spotcheck and we sang the national anthem thrice D=... the first lesson was physics but Mr Tan did not come so i did some POA homework... The next lesson is POA.. Mr silvam went through a few questions and i found out about hwo to interpret questions sentences into accounts related with my sister(syahirah) ^^ the best lesson is chinese again after POA as after we settled some admin stuff we decided to take a day off since we are alot ahead of other classes =D Mdm Tan told us that what other people see you is not important but rather what you see yourself as is important. i tot it was meaningful wor~!. she was talking about her first fav class other than us and it was also a 3c~! they once all worte her a letter each about how she had changed them and she was so touched she cried readin the letters! =D after that was reccess and i go yuyan class see him do hw =.= bud den reccess over is english and maths(today onli Miss Zhang teach) and english we went through the letter writing wor~ we took a 1/2 hr break then go SS lesson and we talked about bonding singapore and mas selamat.... after it i went to appreciation day rehearsal for tmr for VIP dinner. we learnt how to put different plates and manners and practiced them.. on and on until 5pm+ o.o after that i and yuyan went home tght with bernard and derek and we talked about our primary school teachers (yew tee primary school) all same ^^ i reached home then bathe and went to play abit rappelz while having dinner and now bloggin. after this i do abit homework and chinese project then jiu go dream abt something le bahs..

Signin off....

6:13 AM
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey!My first post for my first successful blog ^^ hmmmmm lets sum up what i did today then. Today i woke up and rushed when i saw my watch 6.36am!! when i reached the bus stop i see yuyan and i tot i was late bud den ltr i found out my watch dun what so fast so its like 6.28am when i went out.(bus 6.31) morning assembly was boring as usual.... the first lesson was the test was quite easy but i think i am goin to die cos during the last question i was so into it that i wrote like the whole page when it onli gave me 3 sentences =X .the next lesson is maths and Mdm Tong came in again to teach with Miss Zhang toghether. We went through a few questions in the holiday homework when we were called out to try out the questions. Some were quite easy after gettin the gist but i dunwan to go write cos i like eyes 3/4 closed and falling asleep b'cos of a perfect reason of doin hwk till 2am... T.T After that was english and we wrote a letter to out classmate regardin about what we did durin holiday..(i wrote to vivian =X)it was overall borin and i daydreamed a few times ^^... It was then a normal reccess and then chinese lesson.. AHA ! my fav lesson of the day as it was the onli lesson that kept me awake// We went through a chapter and then our teacher(Mdm Tan) told us some stories about her son being naughthy and how she met her husband and we laughed toghether..=D finally it was POA lesson .. we went through question 7 and 8 when i found out a pattern in the trial balances and became easy ^^ * cheers * bud den i rmber Mr Silvam said smething abt wad we were faster in understandin but slower in accounting... dunnoe wad talkin him ._. so nbm lah since school end le.. Ltr i went to archery and it was so fun shooting and chattin with coach until the stupid clouds came and teh stupid stupid thunder came rollin AND THEN THE STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAME and we had to stop... T.T *downfall* it was like raining heavily and yuyan was so stupid when he act act go out to move the buckets collectin water then kena splashed by water accumulated at the rooftop..The whole archery club laughed lol... When the rain lessened i and yuyan chiong to the 307 bus stop to go home and waited for the bus so long until he kena fedup... then the bus came lol. So tired... until we both fell asleep and woke up at our stop.. went home... bathe... on com and edit my blog lor...(haven done yet finish) then eat dinner at 8pm and do my sis homework.. now 9.55pm so after i finished my sis hwk i go do POA(i 4got hab or not) then go play abit rappelz then slp bahs

*signing off*

6:33 AM