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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

HEYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o.0
sorry.. was a tad bit of crazy today.. o.o

ok story time!
first i woke up errr... hmm arnd . . . . aha! 11am =p it was a good sleep first time for so long tad i slept for 5hrs le oh ._.
ytd haiya went to hab midnite book marathon =D cos im bored >.>
okok hahas im so long winded
ok then i watched some hitman reborn agn cos i was at an exciting part ytd about a vongola ring battle halfway =D
i stopped around 1pm then first time go vacumm the err floor o.o it was.. intriguing? o.o
cos i ended up chasing my dog with the vacumm cleaner cos he scared of tat sound =D
after tat i played Rappelz agn (today reached 26) was questing lots until yuyan logged in and started to ks me when im hunting T.T ..... haiya ltr went to kill some high lvled boss then questing agn. nothing interesting todae.. so i logged off to eat dinner arnd 8pm then i watched hitman reborn till now lor.. now is.. 11.11pm ^^ so after this blogging ima gonna finish this episode 66 then i go do the poem homework for tmr le.. sad T.T 9 - 12 in the morning some course =p jyjys

so thats all ... o.0

ok i am gonna post some pictures of Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn =)

8:03 AM
Monday, October 12, 2009

Haaahs... so long since i blogged smthing
well lets go with today's story first =\

ok i woke up arnd 9am cos i ytd slept at arnd 4 am =D
just to make sure i got the item i want alot at auction in Rappelz :)
So i woke up... did the morning jog arnd my hse then arnd 10am i on my com
i first checked on my blog then i go and watch Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn !! =D(the thing which is the theme of my blog o.o)
i watched arnd till 1pm then i ate some lunch..(quite boring -.-)
after lunch i went to research on some band called Yanni =0
Oh yea i posted some of their great band songs on my class blog please watch *Link is the 3Churchiil at my blog ^^
After that i ended arnd 4pm then i started to chiong Hitman Reborn now i 11.30pm is at episode 45 =S
i ate dinner then i on Rappelz then i did some training with yuyan o.0 at a place filled with goddanm HIGH LVL PIXIES!!!!!i got owned twice(dead) danmit they are lvl 45++ and i am lvl 21 and yuyan 29! and HE survives o.o thanks to me =p cos im da healer. i hate it when healing pulls aggro ==
so now arnd 8-9pm i stopped Rappelz completely then now im watching Hitman Reborn agn..( aha IM A NO LIFE FOR 3 DAYS! of some jumbled up holiday..)
so thats abt my day story

ok.. first im sorry?o.0 i dindt blog cos my template screwed up and i quitted for quite a while >.>
nbm then today i post some pictures i sketched from some of the photos i found on net kays?! =D (i use some sort of drawing tablet linked to the com.. but i tink i lost the pen T.T...)

ok photos time

8:30 AM