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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

hiis.. sorry for the lack of blogging
seems that mid years is comin up
so i will not
be blogging D=
till it ends..
need to concentrate >=D
good luck on the exams ^^

6:08 AM
Saturday, April 24, 2010

ok a quick summary b4 i go bac to 07 ghost ^^
woke up around 7++am today.. do this do that...
head for school o.o
meet cher and others then start doin our own stuff..
basically its average =\
then b4 goin home ate lunch with wilson
on the way to teck whye market..
i was testin wilson bicycle and i ran over something like this... ==

and wilson is like NICHOLAS TAN i am GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!
... after awhile we realised not i kill de
i just flattened it more..
which is still digusting ... *sigh*
reach home
finished the green tea ice cream.. disgustin .. T.T
then did maths at home and abit of chinese
was doin F&N now watching 07 ghost anime ^^
quite nice i just started..
k byes

8:44 AM
Friday, April 23, 2010


8:45 AM
Thursday, April 22, 2010

HI! sorry i nver blog ytd...
was doin hmwk whole day
no time =)
okok.. today goes like this
assembly normal = boring
all sorts of weird lessons
but after finally practicing some POA questions..
i understand a tiny bit >=D
today chinese listening compre exam was alrite..
today arnd 4.40 go home..
then the sky damn dark o.o
then at canteen met raihana, wany, sulis they all..
walkin to bus stop then lols =D
they keep screaming cos the wind very very big
and its realli dark..
lucky i reach busstop then rain =D
ok just finished poa then eat dinner
now doin f&n tatas ^^

5:11 AM
Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ok.. today is as long as yesterday but...its mroe fun ^^
poa we had a test and i'm pretty scared since first time i do
control accounts
so i need to buck up >=D
F&N im slowly chasing up the class after the fallback in TA ^^
the rest of the lessons are average =\
after school
bus 307 home.
and nobody home till 6++ ==
was doin some ss till dinner
then ate
now from then doin F&N till now...
after this i would do some chinese..
sigh. nites...

7:04 AM
Monday, April 19, 2010

sigh monday blues + hot weather is draining me
todays lesson go thru normal stuff
nothing special :(
today ended at 5pm i tink..
so after that ate something with Reiner, Sean, Jimmy and Wilson
at the canteen
went home..
nearly fell asleep at the bus
(after reiner left):D
reach home.. saw my 4th sis lying like a panda
on the new sofa :)
so the whole afternoon, bathed, TVed on the sofa till dinner :)
dinner =\
then study abit on POA
do the English Essay the gmailed it to cher
study POA agn..
now watching Soul Eater:D

basically today is boring - no events - tiring - boring -.- day...
hahas :D

made a mummy monster out of my tiger =)
hmm nothing else

7:10 AM
Sunday, April 18, 2010

lols guess ytd watch tv till too late =\
woke up very late! around 11am o.o
then do this do that.. went out to lot 1
with my family to eat lunch and mum said she wanna some groceries
so we went to the supermarket =)
after that went home then we clear our sofa away so
my mum can clean the floor since the new 1 comin in @ Tues.
ended up now the living room like very empty and big o.o
after that went to watch Soul Eater till dinner =)
(watching the part where the Kisshin vs Shinigami ^^ damn exciting)
eat dinner =)
then do some F&N coursework.. now taking a break
do some more F&N before i sleep 4 tmr ^^

found my tie =D (i see good things comin ^^)

7:19 AM
Saturday, April 17, 2010

well... not quite a bad day for me =)
my family went out to watch the S.H.E concert so i'm alone with only
my big sis and jie fu
then i realised i didnt blog for a long time so i changed the blog song =) and now im doing some POA 10 yr series =)
hmm my wish and goal for now is to beat all my 4 genius sisters in MYE so they can't look down on me agn! >:D
i will try to blog more nxt time sorry ^^

alrights goin to dinner.

this video made my day... especially the interview with the vamp. that sucks brain juice ROFL =D. Every joke about 1 min so if u don like 1 of them skip a min or so
Enjoy ^^

back from dinner ==//
actually my day was fine :(
but when i went for dinner @ yew tee point with my da jie and jie fu...
we went to the omoroshi thingie ( dunnoe spell correct or not )
its some kind of u noe put coin in and hook something up
i lost $6 cos the bear too heavy... sigh....
my jie and jiefu worse lost $30++ hahas ^^
then i wasted another $2 on buying the pearly bandung soy milk
taste like water with 1 petal of rose and goat milk o.0
sigh.. goin to continue my POA..

3:26 AM