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Monday, October 12, 2009

Haaahs... so long since i blogged smthing
well lets go with today's story first =\

ok i woke up arnd 9am cos i ytd slept at arnd 4 am =D
just to make sure i got the item i want alot at auction in Rappelz :)
So i woke up... did the morning jog arnd my hse then arnd 10am i on my com
i first checked on my blog then i go and watch Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn !! =D(the thing which is the theme of my blog o.o)
i watched arnd till 1pm then i ate some lunch..(quite boring -.-)
after lunch i went to research on some band called Yanni =0
Oh yea i posted some of their great band songs on my class blog please watch *Link is the 3Churchiil at my blog ^^
After that i ended arnd 4pm then i started to chiong Hitman Reborn now i 11.30pm is at episode 45 =S
i ate dinner then i on Rappelz then i did some training with yuyan o.0 at a place filled with goddanm HIGH LVL PIXIES!!!!!i got owned twice(dead) danmit they are lvl 45++ and i am lvl 21 and yuyan 29! and HE survives o.o thanks to me =p cos im da healer. i hate it when healing pulls aggro ==
so now arnd 8-9pm i stopped Rappelz completely then now im watching Hitman Reborn agn..( aha IM A NO LIFE FOR 3 DAYS! of some jumbled up holiday..)
so thats abt my day story

ok.. first im sorry?o.0 i dindt blog cos my template screwed up and i quitted for quite a while >.>
nbm then today i post some pictures i sketched from some of the photos i found on net kays?! =D (i use some sort of drawing tablet linked to the com.. but i tink i lost the pen T.T...)

ok photos time

8:30 AM