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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hiiiies! =D today is sure an good day for me =D
first~i woke up and took the bus to school..ran
bac to take thermometer on the way to busstop
No miss bus =D
was doin english on bus then fell asleep.... >.<
woke up reach le sianz but lucky finishing so done b4 class
the first lesson was english after a typical morning assembly
and we talked about understandin a paragraph
(english must study hard!!)(difficult for me ><)
after that it was chinese and we had listenin compre
SA1 de
after that was maths then went through quite alot of questions
i onli nt sure with the general solutions thats all =D(jiayous!)
reccess we were eating slowly cos lots of time and my mouth so hot
ate too much chili
after break was 2 hrs of PHYSICS =D
went through CG~moments~turning effects..
quite ok.. understandable bud juz nid more practice =D
after finish went home with yuyan and bernard
reach home i bathed..fell asleep
woke up awhile-sleep again- then had dinner
now i bloggin tink i finish i go revise english and a bit of maths bahs=D

signing off...

5:38 AM