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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey!My first post for my first successful blog ^^ hmmmmm lets sum up what i did today then. Today i woke up and rushed when i saw my watch 6.36am!! when i reached the bus stop i see yuyan and i tot i was late bud den ltr i found out my watch dun what so fast so its like 6.28am when i went out.(bus 6.31) morning assembly was boring as usual.... the first lesson was the test was quite easy but i think i am goin to die cos during the last question i was so into it that i wrote like the whole page when it onli gave me 3 sentences =X .the next lesson is maths and Mdm Tong came in again to teach with Miss Zhang toghether. We went through a few questions in the holiday homework when we were called out to try out the questions. Some were quite easy after gettin the gist but i dunwan to go write cos i like eyes 3/4 closed and falling asleep b'cos of a perfect reason of doin hwk till 2am... T.T After that was english and we wrote a letter to out classmate regardin about what we did durin holiday..(i wrote to vivian =X)it was overall borin and i daydreamed a few times ^^... It was then a normal reccess and then chinese lesson.. AHA ! my fav lesson of the day as it was the onli lesson that kept me awake// We went through a chapter and then our teacher(Mdm Tan) told us some stories about her son being naughthy and how she met her husband and we laughed toghether..=D finally it was POA lesson .. we went through question 7 and 8 when i found out a pattern in the trial balances and became easy ^^ * cheers * bud den i rmber Mr Silvam said smething abt wad we were faster in understandin but slower in accounting... dunnoe wad talkin him ._. so nbm lah since school end le.. Ltr i went to archery and it was so fun shooting and chattin with coach until the stupid clouds came and teh stupid stupid thunder came rollin AND THEN THE STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAME and we had to stop... T.T *downfall* it was like raining heavily and yuyan was so stupid when he act act go out to move the buckets collectin water then kena splashed by water accumulated at the rooftop..The whole archery club laughed lol... When the rain lessened i and yuyan chiong to the 307 bus stop to go home and waited for the bus so long until he kena fedup... then the bus came lol. So tired... until we both fell asleep and woke up at our stop.. went home... bathe... on com and edit my blog lor...(haven done yet finish) then eat dinner at 8pm and do my sis homework.. now 9.55pm so after i finished my sis hwk i go do POA(i 4got hab or not) then go play abit rappelz then slp bahs

*signing off*

6:33 AM