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Monday, March 30, 2009

Hmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmmmm.... wad shld i say...well lets start with morning.. today usual wake up =D suprisingly energetic then quickly change and do maths homework while walkin out of my hse to the busstop then see yuyan waitin le O.o bus came---board bus---reach school.. a typical school day.. first lesson was english(haven scold Jimmy for telling me its chemistry!!!)=D hahas nbm de... english we do a report WRITING (OMG OMG!!!!!!! i haven do tmr nid hand up!)alamak nbm tmr den do~ ^^ sure die de!=) err then it was geography and we talk about coasts and landforms we cant see in sg wor.. i find the cliff kinda nice and talk then DING DONG.. maths lesson..alamak today is Miss Zhang and Mdm Tong teach again siol =X.. we went through a new topic called Coordinate Geometry and then it was recess and i makan with sean reiner they all agn..then it was POA lesson. got a TEST..!!!!! IT WAS SO DIFFICULT I WAS like uh oh ._. and stared at the paper for like 5 mins (worse i din hab a calculator!) then i chiong draw anyhow fill in blanks tikam which is credit which is debit.,,, then answers come out...... YAY i got 21/26 in total but in the end juz pass cos untidy... T.T wahhh... 21-5-3=13/// 13/26(pass) T.T veri depressed/// BUD NBM COS SCHOOL END YAY cai guai... got a maths remedial at 2-3pm and now it was like 12.30pm at that time lor! i and reiner rush to math club to tutor sec 2 again for 1 hr come bac class slack then the supplementary sibei borin cos quite easy so i go do Miss Zhang the maths2 (^o^)then finish b4 class end so i no need stay bac (oley!)after that went to canteen find yuyan then teach him and his group how to do Matrices cos they presentin wor and i ate hokkien mee. after tat went home on bus and i played the phone game(wateva island) its a survival game of a tribe sent by reiner~ until dinner then go bathe (abt 1 hr after i reach home) then makan and do hwk again.. T,T student's worst nightnare... now bloggin and gtg nid to finish work =D misses Kim~(last year fren)(now in korea)

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