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Friday, March 27, 2009

TODAY IS A VERI MEMORABLE DAY MAN~ woke up then late for bus
but i managed to catch up the bus by takin another busstop ^^

today onli got a few lessons cos today appreciation day and
i found out nearly our whole class got participate someway
or another wor~ :o today got 2hr F&N and we did practical
and cooked majestic cup cake and banana cake =D
after tat was chemistry and we learnt a few more things like
isotopes and radioisotopes. After that i stayed at school watch
the rehearsal waiting for my fren then i, yuyan and derek went to lot
1 to eat at food junction~then ltr we came bac school and i went to
CiTech Room at 3pm to meet up
We first decorated the room into dining setting(we waiters)(sevice group)
we played the background music and practiced and rehearsed a few times
of what we will do. then ltr we wait for time to pass so we played a few songs
and Dasheni started dancing with Shafiqah(3H) and the whole group started dancin
too.. it was so fun and we took pictures and videos. ltr we found out who we are serving
and practiced .....(skippin the details first)
when the guests come we were so nervous all of us wants to go toilet(laughs)
but we did quite well when the real thing came but my fren sean so guilty about a
small mistake he made(he used 2 hands instead of 1 hand while serving)(lol.)
the dinner went past and we packed up and the teachers-principal-vice principals praised us then we all took pictures with them =p... i then went home at 11+ with derek-bernard-yuyan-brandon-reiner-sean-dasheni(w/o shoes)-wilson-lynn-lynn fren
then went on seperate ways in the middle.. talked and talked... err now i at home juz bathed so now bloggin =D heys i gtg sleep le tmr nid early wake up bb(12.11am)

signing off....

8:59 AM