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Thursday, March 26, 2009

woo today is sure a tiring day... i woke up and slept on the bus as usual and went to school.. During morning assembly ar ._. got spotcheck and we sang the national anthem thrice D=... the first lesson was physics but Mr Tan did not come so i did some POA homework... The next lesson is POA.. Mr silvam went through a few questions and i found out about hwo to interpret questions sentences into accounts related with my sister(syahirah) ^^ the best lesson is chinese again after POA as after we settled some admin stuff we decided to take a day off since we are alot ahead of other classes =D Mdm Tan told us that what other people see you is not important but rather what you see yourself as is important. i tot it was meaningful wor~!. she was talking about her first fav class other than us and it was also a 3c~! they once all worte her a letter each about how she had changed them and she was so touched she cried readin the letters! =D after that was reccess and i go yuyan class see him do hw =.= bud den reccess over is english and maths(today onli Miss Zhang teach) and english we went through the letter writing wor~ we took a 1/2 hr break then go SS lesson and we talked about bonding singapore and mas selamat.... after it i went to appreciation day rehearsal for tmr for VIP dinner. we learnt how to put different plates and manners and practiced them.. on and on until 5pm+ o.o after that i and yuyan went home tght with bernard and derek and we talked about our primary school teachers (yew tee primary school) all same ^^ i reached home then bathe and went to play abit rappelz while having dinner and now bloggin. after this i do abit homework and chinese project then jiu go dream abt something le bahs..

Signin off....

6:13 AM